Golden Proportion Dividers make it easy to measure the Golden Proportion ( 1 / 1.618 ) in nature, art, and creations of your own, such as graphic and visual arts, woodworking and 3D printing.

   Unlike small dividers used by beauticians to shape eyebrows or cosmetic surgeons to guide tucks and augmentations, ARTriangles stretch from 2 to 32 inches without sacrificing accuracy. 

   Designed for safety so it won't scratch or puncture, the Golden Proportion Divider can be used on computer screens or delicate materials.

Golden Proportion Dividers ...(1 / 1.618)

SKU: 1003
  • All ARTriangles products are handmade in the USA. Materials and colorings are all child-safe. For small children three years old or younger, smaller triangles can pose a choking hazard. This is a federally mandated safety standard for any objects below a certain size and is not specific to ARTriangles. A caution is included on the product packaging and is visible whenever the box is opened.