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How ARTriangles Embody the Golden Proportion

It's all about proportion and balance. The concept of proportion is fundamental to mathematics, geometry, and life in general. Ratio is another word for proportion. To be rational is to think with proportions rather than one-sided or absolute ideas. The Golden or Divine Proportion, called the Metron in ancient Greece before being renamed by Kepler, stands out for its mathematical beauty and its fractal self-organizing capability. Since ancient times it has been regarded as a symbol of perfect balance. The Golden Proportion balances two different lengths so that the ratio of the smaller to the larger is identical to the ratio of the larger to their combined lengths. Mathematicians have long m

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Early reviews as ARTriangles ramps up

“I get more excited each time I look at your website (three times now).”

“Website looks awesome. Especially loved the woodtone mandalas.”



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