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The Golden Key by Jonathan Quintin.wmv

The golden ratio is the golden thread that weaves its way through the tapestry of creation, uniting diverse and contrasting elements into a harmonious whole. A clear, brilliant presentation.

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The extraordinary reciprocity of golden triangles

According to Heron of Alexandria, the gnomon is any figure, added to or subtracted from another, that results in a shape similar to the original shape.

Golden triangles occupy a unique position in geometry as gnomons to each other, making them recursive and reciprocal.

The (ab)surd golden ratio TED talk

Mathematics has become the ugly duckling of the American education system. At first it's strange and maybe a little scary, but matures into something beautiful later on. Most people don't get to see that stage, though, and it's Robb Enzmann's intent to bring the fun part of math into the layperson's life by exploring one of nature's most fascinating numbers: The Golden Ratio.

Mathematics of Beauty - The Golden Ratio

What makes someone more attractive than another? Is there a specific formula for attractiveness? The answers may lie in the golden ratio (phi, 1.618). This is a great video interviewing renowned plastic surgeon Dr Stephen Marquartdt who explains the golden ratio.