Endless designs from only two shapes

 NEW!  ARTriangles® introduces the ultimate art tool that puts the A in STEAM development.

  This new concept, using Golden Proportion triangles to create art, is an effective and fun way to develop and maintain motor / mental skills at all levels and can be incorporated in lessons across many academic areas. Examples of proportion, scale, fractals, and symmetries are easily seen.

  These colorful, safe, durable, non-toxic, made-in-America tiles stimulate all ages by generating infinite tessellations. ARTriangles makes failure impossible because they always fit together.

  Our mission is to provide a means of developing tactile manipulation skills that are too often overlooked in this digital age. We believe attention to placement (muscle memory) is a vital part of child development. ARTriangles invites creativity while introducing the fascinating properties of Golden Proportion geometry.

Purchase ARTriangles Products

  The ARTriangles products shown below are made exclusively in the United States to rigid specifications, using the safest recycled materials and advanced techniques available.

  ARTriangles tiles can be affixed to any surface using commonly available adhesive dots.

  ARTriangles tiles can be purchased in individual two-color mosaic tile kits or in a classroom package that includes all six colors in three kits.

ARTriangles Two-Color Mosaic Tile Kits

190 pcs.

  Handmade precision-cut Golden Proportion triangles in two pastel primary colors.

ARTriangles Six-Color Mosaic Tile Kits

570 pcs.


  Handmade precision-cut Golden Proportion triangles in six pastel primary colors.


Golden Proportion Dividers


  Use ARTriangles dividers to see how many ways the Golden Proportion is exhibited in nature and art. 

The Golden Proportion is 1 to 1.618 . The smaller section is in proportion to the larger exactly as the larger is to the combined lengths.

  0.618 -> 1.000 -> 1.618 -> 2.618  

  1.000     0.618     1.000


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